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Bruno Sroka is a person who lives for and by the ocean. He spends most of his time kitesurfing, stand up paddling or surfing. Bruno is 3 times World Champion of kitesurf and first and the only man that crossed the Cape Horn by kitesurf as well as established the France/Ireland 1st Worldwide kitesurf crossing record. This high performance athlete has been paddling since SUP sport has been developed. He has been using the paddle boards for his physical training or just tas he active time spening with his friends and family and his well being in a harmony with the nature.


Sroka brand was born from the will to share, exchange and make this water sport accesible to the big crowd. Our conviction: to democratize the inflatable stand up paddle sport. Accesible, rigid and durable Sroka SUP boards can be used at the seas, rivers and lakes, on the waves, fishing, shared with the family and friends. Inflatable Sroka SUP board is a real hapiness for those who has a limited space but leads and ambitios lifestyle. When deflated it folds into specialy developed back pack. Sroka stand up paddle boards are thought and developed in Brittany, France.


Welcome to our univers of fun and quality time with an inflatable Sroka stand up paddle boards.

About sroka

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