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Bruno Sroka is a person who lives for the ocean. Most of his time he spends in the ocean kitesurfing, stand up paddle boarding or surfing. He is also 3 times World Champion of kitesurfing as well as first and only man that crossed the Cape Horn by kitesurf followed by France/Ireland 1st worldwide record crossing. Besides his professional career Bruno participated in kite and kitesurf boards development for over 10 years in one of the biggest kitesurfing brands. He was one of the first ones to try kitesurf and also the one who revolutionized the kite racing boards and today he is contributed to develop this sport in a very different way.

Sroka brand was born from the will to share, exchange and make water sport accessible to the big crowd. Our conviction : make an accessible, easy of use and evolutive kitefoil. We worked on a hydrofoil that is easy to foil but also has an options to push your own limits. All our products have been tested and approved by Sroka Team and Bruno Sroka commits a proposition to offer one of the best hydrofoil in the market.  At this moment we are the first and only one brand that proposes a kitefoil that is easy to learn and performant at the time as an option.

Welcome to our univers! We are hoping that you will discover kitesurfing via different aspect: kitefoil!

About sroka

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