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      • Dakhla, Marocco
      • Dakhla, Marocco

      • Dakhla is very charming, little town located in Western Sahara, Marocco, not too far from the border of Mauritania. The town is planted in the desert which assures very cosy temperature and the frequent winds all your round. 

        How can I get to Dakhla? 

        You ask yourself. There are the flights nearly from each big city of Europe that will bring you to Dakhla. If it happens that you are flying from Paris to Dakhla count about 7 hours of flight (or 13 hours with a stopover at the Casablanca). Once you are there you will get to enjoy the frequent desert winds in the blue turquoise lagoon in your bikini or shorty all year round. Once the dawn will start setting down into the sandy land you will feel the quite and calm that installs all around the nature. Regarding the temperature even in december you will have an avarage of 21°C and 54% of wind higher then 4 beaufort. Notice that the temperatrure in the desert at night drops quite a bit so make sure to get a sweater and the pants if you are planing to camp around. 

        For the last 10 years Dakhla have been developing a lot and particulalry in kitesurfing and surfing, stand up paddling area. Today it actually became the leading place for the watersport lovers to visit in Marocco. And even if it happens that you have no wind for a day or so do not panic... tuna fish fishing, surfing, stand up paddling or hiking in the desert is something that it is worth doing once you are in Dakhla.

      • Very chilled ambience and friendly locals is waiting for you. No time for stress just a fun times! 

        Estimated population: In 2010 Dakhla had around 80 000 habitants meanwhile in 2012 in Marocco lived about 32,2 million of people. 

        Capital: Rabat

        Language: Arabe, french and english.

        Time difference: UTC+1:00 summer time; UTC+0:00

        Currency: Maroccan dirham; 1euro=11,2568MD (2014)

        Going Dakhla? 

        There are two common ways to get to Dakhla: 

        By flight: Firstly, you need to fly to Casablanca. Most international airports fly to Casablanca. Depending on your country of departure, you can choose between many companies such as Royal Air Maroc, Iberia, Air France, Click Air, Regional Maroc etc.  

        Once in Casablanca, you will need to sleep over over there. There are no direct flights going to Dakhla. Count about 100 euro per night at the hotel not far from the airport at the Casa. The next morning you will need to get a flight to Dakhla with Royal Air Maroc. There are currently seven flights to Dakhla from Casablanca per week. All of the flights arrive in the late afternoon or evening.

        Flight tickets may vary but count about 400 euros per person for a flight from Paris for example.

        Once you arrive at Dakhla airport, a representative  from your chosen accomodation will be there to collect you. 

        By car:  This option can be very useful if you decide to stay in Morocco for a longer time because there is quite a long ride waiting ahead in front of you. It will take about 24hours to go down to Gibraltar from most of the cities of central Europe. Once you are there you should look for a ferry going to Tangier. Once you will touch down the land of Marocco just drive down to Dakhla (about 2000km or 22hours). If your holidays will last 3 or 4 weeks I think this option can be very interesting. The landscape is very interesting and beautiful and this is the best way to feel the country, its culture and values. 

        Where to stay? 

        When you will be planing your kitesurfing/windsurfing/SUP holidays you will run into different accomodation options in Dakhla. All accomodation options listed below are situated about 28km from Dakhla town in a wonderful mix of the lagoon and the desert.

        Dakhla Attitude: situated at the «Pointe du Dragon» this hotel has 3 camps and 7 types of the accomodations for different client needs.  Room rates starting at 65 euro (depends on the season) rising up to 200 euro (depends on the season) per room. 

        Ocean Vagabond: this very cosy and familial hotel has one of the best spots for the kitesurfing beginners: it is at the end of the blue lagoon where mostly you will be able to touch the ground with your feet. Here you will get to enjoy the mix of the easy and relaxing hotel ambience and full of action activities outside of the hotel. The room prices starts at 70 euros (low season) and rises up to 230euros (high season). 

        Auberge des Nomades du Sahara: If you are looking very «roots» kind of holidays the Nomad is a great option for you. Sleeping in the special tents, communal showers and toilets, local kitchen shared together with other visitors, very friendly atmosphere is guaranteed. 

        Water quality:  The water in Dakhla remains rather clean for showers  but it is not adviced to drink it. 

        Other activities around Dakhla:

        - Downwind the SUP session

        - Visit Dakhla city

        - Visit a spring hot water in the middle of the desert

        - Drive 4X4 in the desert

        - Fish the tuna fish.

        Formalities : Passport needed

        Medical protection : It is better to do not get any cuts during your water sessions. Dakhla hospital will not be able to provide the quality such as a hosiptal of the big city in Marrocco.

        Climate : Dakhla has a pleasant desert climate from 16 °C  to 24 °C  during winter and 23°C in 32 °C during summer.

        Wind statistics: In general the wind blows strong and sometimes even very strong. It is ghusty and warm wind. Dominant wind direction: NNE

        Embassy : All embassies are located in Rabat. French embassy address: 1, rue Ibn Hajar

        Rabat Agdal, Maroc. Telephone : +212 (0)537 68 97 00

        Phone code calling from outside of Marocco: +212

      • Spots
            • Dakhla - the SUP, kitesurfing and windsurfing
            • Dakhla - the SUP, kitesurfing and windsurfing


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