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      • Stand up paddle boarding at the Aber Wrac'h, North of Brittany, France
      • Stand up paddle boarding at the Aber Wrac'h, North of Brittany, France

      • The Abers is a place abounded with many different myths. It is also a place that deserves a very profound visit! 

        The Abers is also very famous and particularly great place for a water activities such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. 

        So how to get Aber Wrac’h? 

        Firstly you should get to Brest (Brittany). There are several possibilities to get to Brest: by plane, by car, by train or by boat. Once you are in Brest you will need your car to drive about half an hour towards Lannilis town. This little town can be called as the end of the world but there is much more coming up in this travel! And then? You will easily find an indications towards l’Aber Wrac’h. There you will get to discover the real Brittany’s face: white sand beaches, caribbean turquoise water, the dark giant rocks and full palette of colors. It is impossible to do not fall in love with this magnificient paysage of Abers! 

        A little bit of history...

        - It was the moks who discovered and very quickly understoofd the real value of this place. In XII century they have built their first monastery and developed economical acivity. 

        - Here, in Abers during the 1st World War americans installed their seaplane base. 

        - And famous painter Bernard Buffet owned the island of Stagadon which later was resold to Pierre Bergé which donated this island to Jaouen (a famous french person who was called saint by the youth because he was helping every young person he could). 

        Today Aber Wrac’h became a real paradise for the windsurfers, kitesurfers, kayakers and stand up paddlers due to its big choices of the beaches for your watersport activity. 

        You will notice that the landscape is changing with the tides! When the tight is low you will see all the big, rough rocks sticking out which will make you undrstand why the Abers is called one of the most dangerous places in the World of sailing. And when the tight is high you will think that you are on some kind of island but the temperature is just not the same. Be aware that even in the summer time the north of finistere is never hot. An avarage summer teperature is about 15°C- 18°C. 

        Once you have visited Aber Wrac’h make sure to stop over and kitesurf / windsurf or stand up paddle at the beach of Saint Pabu and Saint Marguerite! You will not regret! 

      • The +’s: Aber Wrac’h is not far from Brest; only in a few kilometers distance you will find the different kitesurfing, windsurfing, paddle boarding or kayaking spots; people in general are friendly and helpful; the local food is wonderful and the prices are very accesible. 

        The -’s: The beaches might be crowed during the summer time which you should be very carefull about when you take off from the beach or come back after your session; the temperature is never tropical in here; if you are not lucky it might rain during a week non stop.

        Couple of good local deals for you: 

        • Great restaurant: Vioben, 30, Ar Palud, l’Aber Wrac’h, Tel: 02 98 04 96 77. Menu starting from 26 - 30 €; seafood plate for 2 at about 70 €; service and interior design simple but cosy, freshly made food. 
        • Great activity: Boating des Abers. Boat services will bring you to the most visited places around Abers. Tel: 02 98 04 74 94. Prices: 14,50 € Leaving from Aber Wrac’h and Lilia town. 
        • Hotel: La Baie des andges (, 350, route des Anges, l’Aber Wrac’h, Tel: 02 98 04 90 04. Rooms starting at 105 €; studio prices starting at 240 € for two nights. You will have a choise to stay at the hotel or villa. Wonderful view from the windows, high quality staff, great atmosphere, inside swimming pool, local food.
      • Spots
            • Paddle boarding at Aber Wrac'h in Brittany
            • Paddle boarding at Aber Wrac'h in Brittany


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