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Our philosophy is to offer a reliable, well-conceived and accessible product.

For Bruno Sroka the stand up paddle is a watersport that give an access to any other watersport. Each year more and more people start practicing the SUP and we strongly believe in drastic growth of this new and modern water activity accessible for everyone. Easy to transport, rigid, very stable and performant Sroka SUP will perfectly fit into the trunk of your car among the other holiday gear.


Conception signed by an expertInternational kiteracing competitor and 3 times World Champion Bruno Sroka has been testing and developing the water equipment products for the biggest kitesurfing brands in the world. It is over 7 years that he has been practicing the stand up paddle in the big waves, working out, cardio, small waves and just simply cruising with the friends. Bruno and his team have been working for over a year with Sroka inflatable SUP project. They have been developing, testing and uniting their wide knowledge into making the full line of inflatbale SUP’s. Today Sroka SUP is the only brand that offers the full range of the paddle boards specialy developed for the waves, kids, race, beginners, advanced riders and those who are looking for just a very stable board for cruising.


ConstructionToday there exist two types of stand up paddle boards:

- The hard deck stand up paddle. This type of the paddle board is dominating the market at the moment but it has quite several defaults: if you are a family of 3 due to limited space in your car you will have to transport your paddle board on the roof rack; it is heavy to carry and if you hit the hard deck board you might get hurt or the board might be easily dameged.

The inflatable stand up paddle board benefits from technological progress of the fabrication and solid structure. Due to high pressure board inflation our inlatable SUP’s provides:

  • a solid rigidity and stability for your comfort but keeping softness of the surface of the board which is more assuring in case of the crash;
  • buoyancy for the lighter and / or heavier riders;
  • comfort of an easy and compact packaging (in the trunk of your small car you will be able to place 4 inflatable Sroka SUP boards!)

A correct board air pressure is 1 bar (15psi). However we have tested our boards with more bar pressure then indicated. We have done several tests and researches of the best weight and rigidity compromise and our high quality material will assure the durabiliy of the product.


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