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Our philosophy: offer a reliable, well conceived and accessible product.

For Bruno Sroka the foil or also known as hydrofoil is a logical evolution of the kitesurfing. In a few years the number of the hydrofoilers will grow rapidly. We also believe that by working on manufacturing process, correct materials and on easy of use product, kitesurfing hydrofoil will become accessible for big number of people. At the moment most kitesurf foil brands are looking for pure performance. Our desire is to democratize this sport and allow you to discover this sensation of the flight above the water. Easy to transport and easy to mount our products are solid, durable and performant. All our products have been  tested and approved to facilitate your learning.

CONCEPTION SIGNED BY AN EXPERTInternational competitor and already 3 times World champion of kitesurf, Bruno Sroka has been a tester and developer for one of the biggest kitesurfing brands. Also he was one of the first ones in 2003 who had tried a kitefoil. For over a year he and his team has been working on kitefoil project. Testing, product evolution and looking for the best compromise between the performance, accessibility and foil and boar design, these and more other points were needed to be approved by all team members. Today they have found the solution to make this sport even more accessible then befre. For the Sroka Foil development Bruno has put his 15 years of kite world experience and shared the knowledge of naval architect Tanguy Le Bihan.
Sroka Foil is an evolutive foil. Simply by changing the front wing you will change your foil « gear ». So the only limit is your limit!

ConstructionThere are various techniques of manufacturing the Kite foils, windsurf foils and stand up paddle foils. We have worked on using different type of material for making the kitefoil the most accessible.

Our first hydrofoil version is in anodized aluminum. The wings has been built with a hard core layer covered by the composite.  
Depending on your needs you will be able to change the wings and get more performance as you go.
Ex: if you will be looking for a higher performance and speed you will be able to put the carbon wing on your hydrofoil which will gve you more action and speed.


We have developed a foil mounting system which is different from any other foil and will make it easy for you to mount and dismount your hydrofoil. We have done many tests on the foil mounting system and we came up with the best one to which we have a pattent pending.

The first Sroka aluminium hydrofoil version will be accomponied by Sroka carbon kitefoil. This foil will be built by the same mounting method as the aluminium foil.



The carbon is a great material that assures rigidity and reactivity for the hydrofoil. This material will assure the reactivity and rapidity of your carbon hydrofoil when going very fast. We also would suggest our carbon hydrofoil for those who are looking for a performance and preparation for the competition



By just changing your wing you will feel the difference from an easy ride to a formula 1 speed. All our kite foils can be exchanged by different parts and offers a variety of options and possibilities for your ride.

We have done a numerous tests in search for the best weight, rigidity and solidity compromise. And finally, after numerous efforts we found the best compromise.



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