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          • Windsurf hydrofoil SROKA - deep tutle insert

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          • Sroka is the first brand that offered the quality hydrofoi for the best price. And this was the kitefoil. This year we are releasing our first SUP FOIL and WINDSURF FOIL and our strategy stays the same: release the product that is easy to learn on, offers a great quality and has the best price. This year we are very excited about our new release Sroka windsurfing hydrofoil. 

            Sroka windsurfing hydrofoil is made of carbon mast and wings and aluminium fuselage. If you would try the full aluminium hydrofoil you would see that it is a very heavy as a product because it needs to have more thinckness of the product but once you test the carbon and aluminium hydrofoil you will be nicely surprised that it is rather light but it still stays as rigid as it would be with an aluminium hydrofoil. This lightness also gives more performance to your ride. 

            With Sroka windusrfing hydrofoil you will be able to start foiling from 7knots of wind. Getting the lift this early will help you learn and understand hydrofoiling rather quickly. And for those who will be looking for more speed and performance you will have a choise to buy a more perormant front wing which will give you the new sensation and reach the speed of 27knots. 

            If you will compare to the concurant brands you will see that Sroka Windsurf hydrofoil is very well placed once it comes to the question of price. You will be almost 200 euros more for our carbon/aluminium hydrofoil then the one that is in full aluminium! Worth a game! 

            As every Sroka hydrofoil this year, SUP FOIL comes in a special carrying back Sroka and a tef gel (anticorrotion gel) is offered as a gift. 

          • Program
          • windsurf hydrofoil
          • Level
          • Beginner to confirmed
          • Mat materials
          • Full carbon mast with Deep tuttle

          • Mat weight (kg)
          • 1.5 Kg
          • Mat size (cm)
          • 85 cm
          • Case
          • Tuttle
          • Fuselage length (cm)
          • 80 cm
          • Fuselage diameter (cm)
          • 3 cm
          • Fuselage materials
          • Aluminium

          • Scale fin front (cm)
          • 80 cm
          • Weight
          • 3.4 Kg
          • Front fin materials
          • Carbone
          • Scale Stabilizer (cm)
          • 52 cm
          • Materials Stabilizer
          • Carbone
          • Fins
          • Carbon
          • Material
          • Front and rear wing: full carbon

            Fuselage: Aluminim

            Mast : Full Carbon

            Box:Deep tuttle

            Screw: inox.

          • Package content
          • Mast, front and rare wings in carbon  aluminium fuselage, inox screws and bolts, special Sroka foil carrying bag, tef gel.

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