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      • The stand up paddle or SUP or paddle is a water sport where you are paddling with a paddle in your hands on a big board while standing on it. It exists different type of stand up paddle boards that will correspond to your needs: SUP board for cruising, surfing, racing, fishing, yoga, use in a vivid water such as rivers etc. Stand up paddle board can be used both individually and in a group of people, friends, family. 

        Today it exists two type of SUP boards: hard deck and inflatable stand up paddle. Let’s concentrate on the inflatable SUP board. 

        Inflatable stand up paddle board is made from the drop stitch material. This is an inflatable system where the board and pump can be carried in a back pack size 90X40cm and when it is pumped to correct working pressure (1 bar) it is not less rigid as a hard deck board. 

        This type of inflatable SUP board is safe, rigid, durable and very practical. Male, female of every age group from 7 to 77 can use this board on its own. Main objective of the inflatable stand up paddle board is to have fun in the water. You don’t have to be a super athlete to practice SUP but if you are you will find the way to work out hard on your SUP board!

      • Our products are dedicated to all family members starting from kids to grandparents to all kind of activity in the water. 

        Our RocketFish 7’1 & 8’ is better known as a dinghy board. If you are someone who loves spending time on your boat the RocketFish is a perfect board for you! Very small, compact and perfect for short distances. We have developed the waves series for those who is a surfer in the soul. 

        Our 8’5 & 9’5 waves SUP boards has special rocker and outline design for better surfing. 

        We are the only ones in the market that developed a special kids board 7’5! We have noticed that kids needs a special board developed to their size for their full comfort and correct ride. The kids 7’5 can be used both for cruising and the waves surfing. 

        For majority of you who wants just to have fun time on the water and explore the secrete corners of the hidden beaches or lakes you will feel great on our Malibu 10’ or 10’6 inflatable paddle boards. Very stable, rigid and easy of use and perfect for the beginners Malibu SUP boards will make your holidays unforgettable, different and very fun! 

        And we have got our 12’6 The Discover paddle board has been developed and designed for the longer cruises and cardio workouts. This is also a great board for the beginners.

      • For Sroka inflatable stand up paddle boards the correct bar pressure is 15 PSI or 1 bar though you can pump it up to 18 PSI (especially if you are living next to the cool waters though it is opposite if you are living in very sunny area because the heat will increase the air pressure inside of the board). The rigidity of the board is not determined by the overloaded bar pressure. Our board rigidity depends on the drop stitch and it’s thousands of locked nylon stitches.

        It will take not more then 5 minutes to inflate Sroka inflatable paddle board to correct working bar pressure. For more info do not hesitate to check our user’s manuel.

      • Sroka team has set a special and very important goal of the brand: accessible stand up paddle board for the best price and the best quality! We believe that the stand up paddle boarding is a rapidly growing activity that brings you in in a harmony with the nature, connects you with your family and your friends and makes you live a better active lifestyle. It is very easy to learn and you will feel comfortable in any kind of condition that you desire to explore. 

      • n the head of Sroka SUP team we have Bruno Sroka - 3 times World Champion in the kitesurf, adventurer and developer and tester for the biggest kitesurfing brands as well as kite race board inventor (with Paolo Rista). Bruno has been working in th product development and testing for over 12 years. That is where he have gained an amazing baggage of knowledge and development skills. 

        Bruno Sroka has been stand up paddling for over 7 years in different divisions: big waves surfing, downinders, cardio & racing as well as simple cruising with his friends. Since he has tested all different stand up paddle boarding styles he knows perfectly what he wanted and needed for his brand products. That is why we can assure that in our products will find all that you are looking for!

      • Coupe

        We have been working with this project for couple of years and we had the time to observe and discover the problems related to the inflatable stand up paddle boards construction. Followed by all the information that we have collected through this time we have created the product that is reinforced at the weakest inflatable SUP board point: the rail! We have reinforced the Sroka SUP paddle board rails which will prevent for any kind of leak. Our board rails are covered with 4 layers and double top and the bottom layers for its rigidity. 

        Our boards are made in Asia as the other 99% of the inflatable stand up paddle boards. We are working very tightly and professionally with our factory and we are having a person dedicated for the quality check up before the boards are sent to Europe. The factory that we are working with has been working with the PVC material and its gluing for many years and they have proved themselves as one of the best ones. 

        Inflatable stand up paddle board is a perfect compromise for the sailing clubs and rentals at the beach.

      • The Sroka SUP brand was born in the collaboration of the professional high performance sportsman Bruno Sroka and the factory that have been building the inflatable power boats for many years. This perfect mix brings to Sroka SUP brand exigence, high quality, reactivity for satisfaction of each and every client. 

        Our objective is to share the stand up paddle that is fun and easy to learn and ride, it is familial and lasts!

      • We have spent quite some time studying and observing our future clients and their wishes, desires and demands. As it is not a secrete many of you are looking for a stand up paddle board that has an accessible price and a good quality. For this reason we have been creating our own working methods and shipping agencies also as creating a tight professional relationship with our factory. Today all of these research and discoveries allows us to keep the accessible  price for the same or even better quality as our concurrants.

      • For our private buyers Sroka stand up paddle boards are guaranteed 2 years for the PVC material and 1 year for the workmanship and gluing and accessories*. For all of you who are going to be renting the Sroka SUP’s we guaranty 1 year for PVC material and workmanship. For ore info do not hesitate to read our users manual. 

      • We have created and continue creating Sroka SUP distributor circle in France, Europe and soon in North and South Americas. Via our distributors you will be able to see, test and buy our products. If it happens that around you you haven’t got any Sroka SUP distributor shop you can buy our products at shop section. 


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