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      • NEW Sroka product catalogue 2017
      • As every year we are glad to introduce a NEW Sroka SUP, Hydrofoil and Kitesurf catalogue 2017. This year Sroka brand is proud to introduce many new products as well as the products that has been ...
      • Published on 07/02/2017
      • Stand up paddle boarding in Amsterdam on Sroka Her 10'
      • Stand up paddle board Sroka for reduced mobility riders.
      • BE SROKA - Stand up paddle - Play with your SUP
      • STAND UP PADDLE video "Make your day"
      • Stand up paddle boarding, kitesurfing, windsurfing and other watersports activity is really fun in Brittany, the most west point of France. Paddle boarding is a great way of sharing the great moment ...
      • Published on 29/03/2016
      • PADDLE BOARD LEASH SROKA 2016 for Paddleboard and longboard
      • We offer you a great moment with pleasure. Watch this vidéo and see how it can be fun to play with your Friend on the Giant Sup SROKA
      • Published on 01/02/2016
      • Video of Sroka stand up paddle boarding  in Amsterdam
      • Last year we went to Amsterdam to enjoy this beautiful city from the channels point of view. Stan up paddle boarding is very different there from our usual paddleboarding places but it is so much ...
      • Published on 07/01/2016
      • Try to win the inflatable SROKA
      • Only few days left to try to win the inflatable SROKA Sup. Share and like the SROKA Sup facebook page to have a chance to win the inflatable Stand up paddle.
      • Published on 21/12/2015
      • GIANT STAND UP PADDLE BOARD - Inflatable Sroka SUP 2016
      • We are happy to announce that the Sroka Mega big inflatable stand up paddle board is here! Giant SUP is perfect for riding the waves in a group of of your friends as well as going for a picninc in ...
      • Published on 21/10/2015
      • Follow us in Instragram - paddleboarding
      • Test SROKA Paddleboard in St laurent du var
      • Last Week, the shop did a test of SROKA inflatable paddle in St Laurent du var. Whaou, incredible succès with more of 200 personnes to test the product.
      • Published on 05/08/2015
      • Test SROKA paddleboarding in Nice
      • Urban Paddle with Lacoste -paddleboarding
      • Snowy stand up paddle session on the Chiemsee lake in Bavaria, Germany
      • Inflatable Stand up paddle SROKA in Munich to Ispo.
      • Happy new year 2015
      • We would like to send you only the very special wishes for the new year of 2015 !
      • Published on 01/01/2015
      • Inflatable stand up paddle Sroka Alpha 12'6 x 27
      • Sroka stand up paddle 2015 presentation at Sup-Passion
      • Sroka stand up paddle boards and Sroka hydrofoil presentation at Paris boat show
      • Bruno Sroka presents his new brand in online lmagazine SUP-Passion
      • Sroka stand up paddle boards in Vital magazine

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