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      • NEW Sroka product catalogue 2017
      • As every year we are glad to introduce a NEW Sroka SUP, Hydrofoil and Kitesurf catalogue 2017. This year Sroka brand is proud to introduce many new products as well as the products that has been ...
      • Published on 07/02/2017
      • Sroka kitesurfing holidays in Lenšˇis (brazil)
      • The end of 2016 was a real treat for some friends of ours. They had a great opportunity to spend their kitesurfing holidays in famous Lenšˇis (brazil). This is a great holiday video where they have ...
      • Published on 16/01/2017
      • SROKA Ouesk Kite review
      • One of the biggest kitesurfing magazines Iksurfmag in UK had an opportunity to test Sroka OUESK 10,5m kite and are glad to share their opinion about it. This is a real pleasure after all of this ...
      • Published on 13/01/2017
      • TWINTIP Kitusurf board SROKA
      • New Kitefoil V2 SROKA - hydrofoil for kiteboarding
      • Merry Christmas to all of you
      • We wish you a very Merry Christmas. We hope that this year brought you some nice kiteboarding sessions, kitefoil session and some other fun moments in the water.
      • Published on 24/12/2015
      • Sroka freeride hydrofoil review in magazine
      • kitefoil test tour in West French cost
      • Last week end, we did the test of the SROKA Hydrofoil to the West french cost. Whaou, awesome feeling to share passion of kitefoil.
      • Published on 23/06/2015
      • How to learn Hydrofoil with our foil.
      • Learning hydrofoil are not very complicated if you use the good gear like SROKA hydrofoil and board. Watch the vidÚo and take all informations that you need to progress and take a pleasure to ride ...
      • Published on 02/06/2015
      • Pro Bob adaptor for any board
      • Sroka hydrofoiling video from Danemark
      • Our SROKA hydrofoil reseller in Danemark tested our foil board. Here you will find the images that will make you envie to try it.
      • Published on 04/04/2015
      • Ispo Munich 2015 SROKA HYDROFOIL
      • Sur Foilboarding by Laird. Is it a future of surfing?
      • Hydrofoil saves the France irlande crossing by bruno SROKA in 2013.
      • Kite foil Sroka - a kitefoil fixation system that will make a revolution.
      • Happy New Year 2015
      • We would like to wish you a very best year of 2015 filled with joy, happiness and best kite foil sessions.
      • Published on 01/01/2015
      • Sroka Foil board for kiteboarding
      • We just received our first kitefoil board. It's serial number is 001. We are very excited to finally have our first board that comes out of the mold.
      • Published on 19/12/2014
      • Beginning of Sroka kitefoil production
      • Sroka stand up paddle boards and Sroka hydrofoil presentation at Paris boat show
      • Sroka kiteFoil - hydrofoil
      • We are glad to introduce Sroka Foil! Our main goal is to offer a foil that is easy to learn but also has a different level options! This is also the foil for the best price.
      • Published on 01/12/2014

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