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      • Beginning of Sroka kitefoil production

      • Beginning of Sroka kitefoil production
      • We are having our last test done before starting the kitesurf hydrofoil production.
      • Recently we have done some more and final hydrofoil test with different kitesurfing levels. Amongst those who has tested for us we have Steph Brigde (5 times kite racing world champion), kitesurfing schools and the kitefoil beginners. After all of these tests we are sure about our hydrofoil and its concept. 

        Sroka hydrofoil is a very accessible, easy to use and at the same time evolutive foil that will lead you to the competitions if you desire. We are feeling very confident of our product because all of those who has tested it they were very positive about our inventive product. 

        We will start Sroka kite foil production very soon. 

      • Published on 09/12/2014

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