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      • GIANT STAND UP PADDLE BOARD - Inflatable Sroka SUP 2016

      • GIANT STAND UP PADDLE BOARD - Inflatable Sroka SUP 2016
      • We are happy to announce that the Sroka Mega big inflatable stand up paddle board is here! Giant SUP is perfect for riding the waves in a group of of your friends as well as going for a picninc in the middle of the lake with your family. Giant SUP = Mega fun!!
      • A Giant SROKA inflatable stand up paddle board is one of our new 2016 products. This over 5mx2m mega SUP will fit between 4 and 6 riders while surfing the waves and 10 riders while paddle boarding on the flat water. It has 4 valves to inflate the board so the teamworking will start from there. It is also equiped with four remouvable fins. The total weight of this Gian SUP is about 50kgs. It is made with care form the pvc material as all our durable stand up paddle boards. 

        Giant SUP and the teamwork

        If you are the one that enjoys spending your time with your friends and family the Mega big stand up paddle board is for you. Giant Sroka SUP is so much fun to catch the waves with your buddies. Once you will be on the board each of you will find the best position for himself and surely you will have so much laugh and great moments together. With your Giant SUP you will be able to surf up to 2m waves but the small waves are very fun and easy to enjoy too. It is also also a great family board for the flat water days. Imagine going with your kids together for a paddle session and having a picnic in the middle of the lake. 

        Where to find the Giant Sroka SUP? 

        If you are looking for the Giant SUP for yourself or your business please do not hesitate to contact us via our email: If you are looking for rent a Giant Sroka SUP please see our reseller/shop page for more info. 


      • Published on 21/10/2015

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