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      • How to learn Hydrofoil with our foil.

      • How to learn Hydrofoil with our foil.
      • Learning hydrofoil are not very complicated if you use the good gear like SROKA hydrofoil and board. Watch the vidéo and take all informations that you need to progress and take a pleasure to ride hydrofoil in kiteboard.
      • Learning how to hydrofoil with kiteboard is not that very difficult. It is akind of different way of praticing kiteboarding. You will see it one you will try it!  The feeling is magical and very addictive.

        Firstly to learn hydrofoiling you will need to learn to carry the board to go into the water. Hold the board by its rail with hydrofoil pointing away from you and walk into the water. Make sure to walk far into deep enough waterthat when you will be starting to ride you would not touch the bottom with your hydrofoil. Do your waterstart and try to keep the board flat, use underpowered kite to begin with.  Forstly you should try to take a horizontal speed with the kite and put all pressure on the front leg. When you will have enough horizontal speed the hydrofoil SROKA will lift gradually.

        If you need more info please watch this video to learn more.


      • Published on 02/06/2015

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