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      • Inflatable stand up paddle Sroka Alpha 12'6 x 27

      • Inflatable stand up paddle Sroka Alpha 12'6 x 27
      • The Sroka Alpha 12'6 x 27" is a real stand up paddle board for those who is looking for athletic performance and competitions.
      • We have developed this limited edition Sroka paddle board range for those our riders who is looking for a performance and victory of the competitions. We have worked on getting the product that offers the max perfomance, is light but rigid at the same time and is easy to transport. For these Sroka Alpha products we have used a special german PVC which is known for its lightness but at the same time for its rigidity once it is built as a product. So in the final our Alpha 12'6 is 3 kgs lighter then Sroka Discover model. Its color and durability is durable and proven by germany PVC factory. 

        Sroka Alpha 12'6 is much more reactive board compared to other boards. Due to its light weight she advances much faster and turns much easier and its specialy calculated shape and rocker helps you to glide better. 

        Shop Notik in Brest, France has already a chance to test this product and is convinced that Sroka Alpha 12'6 is real competition and physical training stand up paddle board.


      • Published on 17/12/2014
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        Notik equipement


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