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      • Kite foil Sroka - a kitefoil fixation system that will make a revolution.

      • Kite foil Sroka - a kitefoil fixation system that will make a revolution.
      • Easy to fix, easy to use ! We found a new system to fix the front wing into the fuselage (patent pending). Check the picture!
        Are you ready to try this?
      • For over a year we have been developing a kitefoil fixation system that is different then any other. Our kitefoil is realy easy to mount. How it is done? Fixing your foil you will have to start by pre-tightening the bolts of the fuselage. Before you completely make them tight you will be able to insert the mast and the back wing into the fuselage. Then tighten your fuselage. The next step is placing the front wing into the U shape front position in the fuselage. Simply insert the front wing into its front position and tighten it with the special separte bolts. 

        This hyfrofoil fixation system will allow you to change your front wing in less then two minutes. By changing your front kitefoil wind you will make your foil more faster, challenging and you will discobver a completely different kitesurfing level then with yor beginner wing. 

        Also our innovative kitefoil fixation system will make it very easy for you to travel because each part of the hydrofoil dismounts. 

        Today we believe that this fixation system is also the most reliable system in the market. When fixig your Sroka Foil you will feel your foil very rigid and well fixed into one piece. Also this kitefoil fixation system has a patent pending so you can be sure that you are going to have a kitefoil that is very different then any other foil that you see at the beach. 

        We welcome any of those who has more questions about our Sroka Foil so do not hesitate to drop as a line to our email

      • Published on 12/01/2015

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