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      • New Kitefoil V2 SROKA - hydrofoil for kiteboarding

      • New Kitefoil V2 SROKA - hydrofoil for kiteboarding
      • We are happy to announce the new SROKA Hydrofoil V2 with a lot of amelioration and progress.
      • We are happy to announce the New foil 2016. We improve our système and rigidity of the hydrofoil V2 SROKA. Front and rear wing will be in Carbon and Fuselage will be in Titanium. This two matérial will give you better rigidité and stronger. More the hydrofoil are rigid and faster you can go. So we are happy to increase our hydrofoil to give you the best.  The kiteboard for hydrofoil was re design for your pleasure. Easy to mount, we have only 4 screw to manage the fix the fuselage and front wing. Easier to mount and dismount, it s the best deal and quality hydrofoil of the market. Evevery piece come with the Eva bag to protect the hydrofoil. 

        Don't hesitate, go to visit the page of our product.

        See you on the water


      • Published on 17/03/2016
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        Nouveau foil SROKA

        Nouveau foil SROKA


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