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      • Sroka Foil board for kiteboarding

      • Sroka Foil board for kiteboarding
      • We just received our first kitefoil board. It's serial number is 001. We are very excited to finally have our first board that comes out of the mold.
      • Bruno Sroka developed a special board that will make it easier for you to start foilboarding. With all his experience in board development and the a need of the rider he knew that the best foil is very important to begin but the board plays also nearly crucial role in your learning lessens. So he developed a board that has some volume with a special hull which will help you to lift your foil. Also in front there is a concave and a double concave at the back of the board. The board size is 162x52 cm. 

        We strongly believe that this duo pack makes it the best kitefoil equipment for you to start kitefoiling! 

      • Published on 19/12/2014

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