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      • Sroka kiteFoil - hydrofoil

      • Sroka kiteFoil - hydrofoil
      • We are glad to introduce Sroka Foil! Our main goal is to offer a foil that is easy to learn but also has a different level options! This is also the foil for the best price.
      • For over a year we have been developing a foil that is easy to use. Actually in the market there are the brands that proposes only the very technical and hyper performant foil but there are none that proposes the foil that is accessible to learn and a foil for a good price. We have decided to work on these two aspects and propose the best foil for the best price. Sroka foil team goal is to help you to witefoil from your very first lessons. Two times one hour session should be enough for the beginner if you are a confirmed kitesurfer and know how to ride directional board. Also we have concentrated on giving you an option to to advance with Sroka kitefoil - hydrofoil. By changing the front wind you will change your intensity, level and speed. 

        We would like to invite you to watch our Sroka Foil teaser. 

        Sroka Foil from Sroka Shop on Vimeo.

      • Published on 01/12/2014

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