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      • Sur Foilboarding by Laird. Is it a future of surfing?

      • Sur Foilboarding by Laird. Is it a future of surfing?
      • Laird Hamilton was always a precursor in the surfing and other water sports world. He is the one who always pushes his own limits and likes to get out of his comfort zone. In this video once more he shows his curiosity and perfect control for the unknown wave and foilsurfs it in Kauai. The surf of the swell with a foil is a magical and unforgetable feeling. It is rather hard to discribe that feeling but once you taste it you will always be craving for more. That crazy foiling feeling you can compare as if you would be flying in the clouds. There are only few people that were working towards this activity and one of them is Paolo Rista. He started surf foiliboarding when he still was living in Europe and now in Hawaii. 

        We strongly believe that our watersport future will be very tightly connected to foiling - the activity that brings a totaly new sensation, pushes you to discover a new, yet unseen places and connects technology to the human beeing. Followed by our believes we have been working on hydrofoil for quite some time now and our upcoming challenge is to develop a surf hydrofoil that is much easier to use then it does exist today. The Sroka Kitefoil has already proved itself as a foil that is accessible for everyone and at the same time it becomes a real challenge when you change its wings where you rediscover a new kitefoiling feeling. We have tested and seen that within 2-3 hours a kitesurfer will be kitefoiling with Sroka Foilboard. So with Sroka Foil those days are over when you were spending months on learning how to foil. We give you an easy access of how to enjoy your foilboarding sessions the fastest possible. 

        Very shortly our products will be in the market so check our website for the orders! 



      • Published on 18/01/2015

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