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      • Video of Sroka stand up paddle boarding in Amsterdam

      • Video of Sroka stand up paddle boarding  in Amsterdam
      • Last year we went to Amsterdam to enjoy this beautiful city from the channels point of view. Stan up paddle boarding is very different there from our usual paddleboarding places but it is so much fun and attraction for the locals and tourists.
      • Stand up paddle boarding is our core of living and enjoying the combination of sport and nature surrounding. We do love to go and look for some differences in life and so this time the urban city paddleboarding was in our goal. 

        Discovering Amsterdam via paddleboarding was a great adventure and unbelievable discover for our eyes. We we were able to paddle around the places that are inaccessible via the boat. 

        Amsterdam is a great place for paddle boarding so we do hope that it will grow bigger and bigger and there will be more paddlers that will be enjoying this great watersport not only on the coastal line but in the cities too. 




      • Published on 07/01/2016

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