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      • kitefoil test tour in West French cost

      • kitefoil test tour in West French cost
      • Last week end, we did the test of the SROKA Hydrofoil to the West french cost. Whaou, awesome feeling to share passion of kitefoil.
      • The last week with my Reseller promoglisse, we organized the test week end for SROKA hydrofoil. It was a real pleasur to share, talk with kitesurf about this new discipline. it s crazy to see how foiling can motivate the kitesurfeur. Almost 30 people was on this test to try our product and it was a big succès. In less of 2 days, 50 % of the people fly up of the Water with SROKA Foil. amazing feeling and so easy to use the Free ride foil SROKA. 

        We need aboslutely to try again a week end like that and show you our passion about sport

        Thanks everyone for the welcome on the spot. See you need time.


      • Published on 23/06/2015

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